Rothbury Parish Council news in brief, including youth shelter

Councillors voiced their frustration after a scheme to repaint the youth shelter in Rothbury stalled.

Saturday, 23rd September 2017, 12:00 pm
Coun Peter Dawson

And they are keen for youngsters from the village’s youth project to go ahead and redecorate the structure.

Some members felt that the make-over had been delayed because attempts made by councillor Steven Bridgett – to secure a graffiti artist and gather together a group of youngsters who use the shelter to redecorate it – had not come to fruition.

Coun Jeff Sutton said: “I am disappointed with Coun Bridgett. This was due to be done this summer and it hasn’t happened.”

Coun Peter Dawson added: “I say we cut the county-councillor’s involvement out of the equation and say that we would love the youngsters to paint the shelter in an appropriate colour scheme and we would wish them to do it as soon as possible.”

The youth project will be invited to the next meeting to discuss ideas for a design.

After the meeting, Coun Bridgett said that he had had difficulties getting a group of youngsters together over the summer, due to holidays etc.

○ ‘I despair and it is making a mockery of everyone who lives here’. These were the words of Coun Dawson as he expressed his frustration that work at the Haw Hill steps has still not been done.

The clerk will contact the county council about the issue.

○ Coun Dawson has called for a tree survey to be carried out in Rothbury, to see which ones are healthy and which need work.

○ Coun Dawson wants to resurrect a 10-year plan for the parish. He said: “We need to be saying ‘what do we think should happen in Rothbury? Is there anything missing in Rothbury that could be provided?’”