ROTHBURY PARISH COUNCIL: Near misses prompt concern

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CONCERNS have been raised about children’s safety at two places in Rothbury.

Councillors were shown pictures of land at Whitton View and opposite Rothbury First School where youngsters have had ‘near misses’ with vehicles.

The council was told by former councillor Robin Murray that youngsters are riding bikes down a bank at Whitton View, which leads directly on to the main road through the village.

“There is nothing to stop them,” he said.

And opposite the first school, a cycle track which is coming from the new estate and ends up opposite the school, has no barrier, has already seen one youngster nearly hit by a car.

Mr Murray added that there is a bend in the road which makes it difficult to see oncoming traffic.

Coun Reynalds said: “It would be sensible for them to put a crash barrier where the path comes out to stop people going straight across the road.”

Coun Peter Dawson said there also needs to be something done about the Whitton View bank.

“Where there is a bank you are going to get bikes, people going down it on polythene bags, sledges in the winter and more,” he said.

Coun Mark Gilson said: “Northumberland Estates still own that bit of land.”

The council is to bring the bank to the attention of the estates and write to them and Miller Homes about the risk.

A letter will also be sent to the developers of the cycle track to ask for a barrier to be installed to prevent children riding straight across the road.