Rothbury Parish Council: Christmas lights, skatepark and a phone box museum

The Rothbury Highland Pipe Band led the procession at last year's Rothbury Christmas lights switch-on. Picture by Mary Scott
The Rothbury Highland Pipe Band led the procession at last year's Rothbury Christmas lights switch-on. Picture by Mary Scott

Volunteers are wanted to help with Rothbury’s Christmas lights, or risk not having them in future years.

The village’s switch-on ceremony is taking place on Saturday, November 25. But it has been a struggle for the dwindling committee, which admits more support is needed.

Speaking at the latest meeting of Rothbury Parish Council, the lights team said: “It has gone down to having just two people involved in the lights. We have tried all sorts to attract more people. We need to have enough people to move forward.”

Coun Peter Dawson said: “It has always been a problem getting people to assist with this. One year, it was just myself and the parish clerk taking everything down.”

Coun Steven Bridgett added: “I would say to people if there’s no help, then next year there’s no lights.”

○ A call has been made to bring back the mobile skatepark to Rothbury, after Coun Avril Graham questioned youth provision in the village.

She said: “What provision have we got for the youth of this parish? Should we not provide something for them? We can’t just say ‘we have got the youth project, and that’s it’.

“I suggest bringing back the mobile skatepark. The youngsters loved it last time and it was really well used.”

Coun Hannah White said the youth project is working on an art initiative with the middle school, while the organisation is being promoted to Rothbury-based KEVI pupils.

○ A resident has suggested turning Rothbury’s red phone box into a micro museum and a place for village leaflets. Coun Bridgett said: “Good idea, but who would look after it?” It was agreed to see what the new village noticeboard is like, then consider the phone box.

○ Coun Bridgett left the meeting early after he was interrupted by Coun Graham, who yawned loudly and told him he was boring her. Coun Bridgett was talking about gritting when the incident happened. He stopped his update and left soon afterwards.

○ Coun Dawson said it was important to keep pushing for improvements to the village’s utility services. He said: “We have some electricity cables dating back to 1928 and some pipes are 120 years old. If we don’t keep flagging this up, nothing will ever happen.”

○ The parish council is to start a Facebook page on a trial period. It will be used as an information page. Coun White felt it was important to have a page and said she would be happy to update it. Coun Graham added that it was a good way of updating parishioners.

○ Coun Dawson said that some of the items on the council’s asset register are ‘seriously under valued’. This topic will be on the agenda early next year.

○ The next parish council meeting is December 13.