Rothbury Parish Council

One more attempt to get rid of rooks

The council has agreed to have one more go at removing rook nests from trees in the centre of Rothbury, despite concerns from villagers.

The nuisance caused by the birds has been an ongoing saga in the village for years.

Most recently nests have been taken out of trees along High Street and the population of the birds has been halved.

However there are still a number of them nesting.

Coun Gilson said: “With the nesting and breeding season being delayed the birds have rebuilt their homes at the western end of the village.

“I think we should have one more go at nest removal and if that doesn’t work then I would personally suggest that we give in.

“We did have trouble with the last removal when two ladies came out and started berating the poor lads who were doing the work. I had the licences and showed them that it was legal.”

Coun Jeff Reynalds put forward a motion not to remove any more nests, but this was lost.

He said: “On the last go a number of chicks were killed and eggs were smashed.

“There seem to be a lot less in the village now.

“I feel that we will lose the goodwill of the public if we do too much more.”

Coun Gilson added: “We have so far managed to reduce the ever-increasing rook and jackdaw nesting problem by about 50 to 60 per cent.

“My personal feeling is if we do it once more we will get rid of the lot. I am against shooting the rooks, what we want them to do is go away and nest somewhere else. There are plenty of places for them to live that are not in the middle of the village.”

He added: “What is also worrying is that they are now attracting carrion crows and jackdaws to live with them.”

A vote was taken and Coun Gilson was given permission to remove more nests.

He added that when he first started the process he was told that it would take at least three goes to eradicate the birds. He also stated that there are four notifiable diseases carried by the birds.

Willow dome offer for parish council

The parish council has been offered a willow dome by Northumbria Basketry Group.

The living structure will be erected in the village and looked after by the group.

No location has yet been confirmed.

Request for a new memorial seat

A request has been made for a memorial seat for a couple who enjoyed holidays in Rothbury.

Landslip puts tree planting on hold

Trees were set to be planted by Beggars Rigg car park as part of Rothbury’s Jubilee celebrations. But a landslip near the area means the work cannot yet take place. Coun Gilson is looking after the 420 saplings until work has been done to repair it.

More volunteers needed for police

Volunteers are needed to help keep Rothbury’s police station open. Anyone interested would only be asked to work three to six hours per month. To help contact 101 ext 69191.

Arriva should publicise route

The council is to write to bus company Arriva to ask them to advertise their route to Rothbury.

Coun Jeff Reynalds said the company does the same for the coastal route.

£20k offer for play area rejected

The parish council has been offered £20,000 to look after a play area at Whitton View.

But councillors believe that Northumberland Estates can offer more money as the development was subject to a planning agreement to provide the facility.

The council is to write a response to the Estates.