This section will carry news updates as they happen, so check back regularly to find out the latest on Britain's biggest manhunt, which ended during the night with the death of killer Raoul Moat.

1.15pm: Police reveal no evidence of Moat living in storm drains in Rothbury.

11.55am: Three men are arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender in connection with the Raoul Moat case. Police say they cannot rule out any more arrests.

10am, Tuesday, July 12: An inquest in Newcastle opens into the death of Raoul Moat.

9.30am, Monday, July 12: Police search the River Coquet looking for a second weapon they are convinced Raoul Moat had.

10.32am, Sunday, July 11: Police in the Rothbury area are conducting follow-up searches following the death of Raoul Thomas Moat. Officers are searching for items potentially discarded by Raoul Moat in the town and surrounding countryside - including the Cragside area.

Assistant Chief Constable Greg Vant said: "There is some intelligence that Raoul Moat may have had more than one weapon and it is only prudent, with the safety of the public in mind, not to rule such a possibility out.

"We are still conducting searches in the area, which includes some challenging search terrain, for any other possible weapons and anything of evidential value.

"If anyone sees an item which seems suspicious or out of place, I would ask them not to touch it and to call police on 03456 043 043 immediately."

3pm: The main road through Rothbury reopened to cars but not pedestrians. Drivers were told by police not to slow down or stop near the Riverside, the scene of the crime.

3pm: Rothbury appears as a village in hangover today. The mood is completely subdued and the incident of the night before has taken its toll. You're more likely to meet press than a local on the streets. Update by Rothbury resident Joe Zadeh

1.35pm: Police news conference held at the Jubilee Hall in Rothbury. Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim said police officers discharged Taser during the six-hour stand-off but it failed to prevent Moat's death.

Detective Chief Superintendent Neil Adamson confirmed a Dictaphone containing a message from Moat was found in his tent at Wagtail Farm on Tuesday in which he made threats to the wider public. He said a news black-out on this information had been imposed on the press.

Nicholas Long, IPCC Commissioner, announced an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Raoul Moat, including police action on intelligence received from the prison authorities on Moat's release from Durham Prison.

1.11pm: The road bridge into Rothbury has now re-opened, it had earlier been closed as part of the ongoing incident in Rothbury.

1pm: Sir Alan Beith, whose Berwick upon Tweed constituency covers Rothbury, has issued the following comment on the events in the town over the past eight days. He said: "The people of the Rothbury are coped superbly with a difficult and dangerous situation and everyone is relieved that it is over. Key questions will now have to be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission but local people were keen throughout to support the police and their first objective now will be to get back to normal and welcome visitors and tourists back to this beautiful area."

Noon: Police press conference delayed by an hour now due to go ahead at 1pm.

10am: The mood in Rothbury is subdued and there is an eerie atmosphere after the dramatic stand-off and shooting during the night, according to Gazette reporter Helen Millichamp. Initial hopes that Rothbury will quickly get back to normality seem to be ambitious. It appears residents will take a long time to get over the events of the last week.

8.25am: Because police had contact with Moat prior to his death, the incident has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) at the earliest opportunity, which is required in such cases.

Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim said: "While the incident has been brought to a close we must be mindful of the impact it has had on many lives. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those affected.

"I'd like to thank the public, particularly the community of Rothbury, for their continued help throughout the enquiry. This has been a difficult time for them and their support has been invaluable."

4.36am: Police confirm that Raoul Thomas Moat, 37, of Newcastle, died in hospital early this morning. They say it followed several hours of negotiations between Moat and police but at around 1.15am it appears, from information available, Moat shot himself. He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead at around 2.20am.

No officers or members of the public were injured.

3.20am: reports received that Raoul Moat has died but it is not celar whether he died on the way to hospital or at Newcastle General.

2.17am: Northumbria Police say it appears Raoul Thomas Moat shot himself. No shots were fired by police officers. Moat is currently in Newcastle's General Hospital receiving treatment for his injuries.

1.33am: One ambulance and three police cars, one in front and two behind, leave Rothbury at speed along the B6344 heading for Weldon Bridge and towards Newcastle.

1.31am: Statement from Northumbria Police: Police discovered a man fitting the description of Raoul Thomas Moat at around 7pm near the riverbank in the vicinity of Rothbury. When he was discovered he was armed. Expert negotiators were brought in to speak to him and spoke to him extensively for several hours. We can confirm a shot or shots have been fired and it's believed the suspect has a gunshot wound. He is currently receiving treatment. No officers have been injured.

1.20am: Reports of a stretcher being loaded into the back of an ambulance with a drip being held above the casualty.

1.12am: Gazette reporter Helen Millichamp, who is in Rothbury at the Alnwick side of the village, reports hearing gunfire, shouting "put the gun away, put the gun away" and dogs barking. "There is loads of movement down at the scene. A lot of officers have moved in," she said.

1am: An eyewitness has reported to the Gazette seeing a lot of police leaving the area at the Riverside where police are negotiating with Moat. She reported seeing lights coming down and police leaving with two poles carrying something heavy within a white sheet.

00.25am, Saturday, July 10: Sitting in the Coquetvale hotel with wedding reception guests, who are fundamentally trapped here until further police notice. Some live on the Riverside and have been told they won't be allowed into their homes. Many who live on Station Road have said they could see Moat from the rear windows of their homes, lying down on the riverside with the gun to his neck. Update by Rothbury resident Joe Zadeh

11.50pm Rain starts to fall in Rothbury as the negotiations with Moat continue.

11.10pm Police are said to be lining up shoulder to shoulder at the entrance to the stepping stones in the Riverside area of the village where the stand-off is taking place.

10.30pm Gazza talks to Metro Radio and he appeared to suggest he had arrived in Rothbury to bring Moat a "can of lager, some chicken, a mobile phone and something to keep warm".

He added: "He is willing to give in now. I just want to give him some therapy and say 'come on Moaty, it's Gazza'. He is alright - simply as that and I am willing to help him.

"I have come all the way from Newcastle to Rothbury to find him, have a chat with him. I guarantee, Moaty, he won't shoot me. I am good friends with him."

10.10pm Gazette reporter Helen Millichamp reports that two people have arrived in Rothbury in a maroon people carrier. They are both wearing plain clothes and have been escorted down to the scene of the stand-off. There have been unconfirmed reports that ex-Newcastle and England footballer Paul Gascoigne is by one of the cordoned areas.

9.50pm The Gazette understands that Moat's best friend Tony Laidler has been brought in to talk to him as the stand-off continues.

9.30pm Police wearing bullet proof vests are pouring into the area. There are snipers littered around the Riverside. It is believed police also have a Taser gun pointing at Moat.

Two ambulance incident support units have arrived at the scene, while there is a lot of police movement in the area.

There is a 10-mile air exclusion zone in place.

9pm Police continue to be involved in an armed stand-off with fugitive gunman Raoul Moat in Rothbury.

Two policemen encountered a man fitting the description of Moat by the Riverside about an hour previously.

Now Moat is holding a sawn-off shotgun under his chin and is surrounded by police marksmen, who are negotiating with him.

Two riot vans have entered Rothbury via Weldon Bridge and a man with a big black holdall has been seen walking down to the scene with a police officer.

8.30pm Rothbury resident Kathleen Foreman told the Gazette she came out of her house to be faced with a police marksman pointing a gun at her.

Kathleen, who lives behind Armstrong Cottages, opened the door to go to the Co-op to get "some bits" to be faced with the officer who screamed at her to go back inside and lock the door and windows.

She heard that a man fitting the description of fugitive gunman Raoul Moat had been holding a sawn-off shotgun to his own neck.

Police told Gazette reporter Helen Millichamp that they are quite satisfied they have their man.

8pm A man fitting the description of fugitive gunman Raoul Moat is spotted in the centre of Rothbury at just after 7pm.

He has been surrounded by police marksmen in the Riverbank area of the village and they are negotiating with the man.

Residents were warned to stay indoors amid a lot of police activity by the Riverside.

It also appears that two police cars crashed in the rush to get to the scene.

6.15pm Sir Alan Beith MP walks around Rothbury to speak to residents and local police. He said: "The priority is to give police all the support they need to bring this search to an end.

"That is what the local community is doing. The police have had tremendous community support and in turn a lot of support is being given by the police to the people of Rothbury. The police are continuing to give reassurances that the community will be protected."

5.30pm: MP Sir Alan Beith arrived for a briefing from police.

4.55pm: Another Tornado is sent into the air to help with the search.

4.30pm: Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim has a walk around Rothbury's streets with neighbourhood officers.

4pm: Rothbury's streets are busy and there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency or threat.

3.45pm: Police helicopter still circling woodland to the east of Cragside Estate.

3pm: A police helicopter is parked on the hill side to the east of Cragside estate.

1.30pm: Inspector Ken Crossley, a police expert search adviser tells a press conference that he is satisfied with the search and the resources that are being used.

1.30pm: Couple marry in Rothbury despite the police presence with a reception at The Coquetvale Hotel.

1pm: You couldn't really ask the people of Rothbury to continue as normal much more. I just drove past a wedding in the village centre. The police presence requested at the schools is quite evident today. Both the first school and the middle school have officers outside. Update from Rothbury resident Joe Zadeh

12.30pm: Police release information about three mobile phones that have been used by Moat and announce that two more people, a man and a woman from Blyth, have been arrested in connection with the investigation.

12.15pm: Police cordon off Cragside Estate with armed officers at 200-300 metre intervals.

Noon: Man bathing topless in River Coquet at Thrum Mill is attracting a lot of police attention.

11.45am: A huge amount of armed police, including the dog section, start to search Cragside.

11am: The police searches last night were probably the most intense I've witnessed since this all began. A police helicopter scoured Rothbury with a spotlight from about 1am until 4am, seeming to focus intently on the riverside woodland area. Update by Rothbury resident Joe Zadeh

6am Friday, July 9: Increased police activity overnight in Rothbury as hunt enters 7th day. Two men arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of assisting an offender are released on bail pending further inquiries.

7.50pm: Rothbury village meeting has just finished, with plenty of the local grievances voiced. Points were raised about the whether the schools should be open, what 'wider threat' actually means and why police presence has dropped yet threat has risen. Aside from that, there was actually a large portion of good-hearted local appreciation to the police force. Update by Rothbury resident Joe Zadeh

6.50pm: Public meeting starts late as residents cram into the Jubilee Hall. Acting Chief Constable Sue Sim tells the meeting the police are putting every effort into the hunt for Raoul Moat but asks everyone to be on the lookout.

6.20pm: Rothbury residents are heading to the Jubilee Hall for a Police Forum to inform the public of the latest in the ongoing operation to catch fugitive gunman Raoul Moat.

6pm: Public meeting in the street outside Rothbury Police Station is held by Chf Supt Mark Dennett, who, after recent information received, warned that Moat may target the wider public. He urged people to be vigilent and lock their doors at night.

4.59pm: Tash Swordy from Alnham (a village west of Rothbury] told the Gazette: "I wasn't scared at home to start with because they made it clear he wasn't a threat to the wider public.

"Now it's changed, it's much more scary. I know it's a big area but I cannot understand why they haven't found him yet. It's a really weird atmosphere."

3.30pm: Plenty of police presence at Rothbury Middle School and First School now that the 'wider public' threat has been raised. The thought of many parents is why there aren't police throughout the day and not just at closing time. Update by Rothbury resident Joe Zadeh

2.47pm: Resident Anne Smith told the Gazette: "It is worrying because it seems to be diverging. We just don't know what is going to happen next, although all the armed police have disappeared off the streets now."

2.46pm: Callum Garrick, of Rothbury Butchers, told the Gazette: "It is a lot more relaxed and calm today, certainly than it has been.

"It is a very easy place to hide in, though, but we just feel that he (Moat] has gone somewhere else."

2.40pm: The Gazette has talked to county councillor Steven Bridgett in the wake of police revelations that the wider public may be at risk from fugitive gunman Moat.

He said: "It is important that, given the information provided so far by Northumbria Police, the public remain vigilant and check on their neighbours, especially elderly members of the community and also make sure they lock their doors at night."

2.26pm: 10 police cars seen driving over the bridge in Rothbury towards the industrial estate.

1.45pm: Update from Helen Millichamp, Gazette reporter in Rothbury. The town is quiet with little police activity on the streets.

She said: "Rothbury has quietened down. There does not appear to many police walking the street and only a few cars are going through."

1.30pm: Sir Alan Beith, MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed constuency, has been interviewed on radio about the massive manhunt for Moat. He likened the search to a major anti-terrorism operation.

1pm: Police have revealed Raoul Moat is now considered to be a threat to the general public.

Acting Chief Constable Sue Sim said: "Information has now emerged that Mr Moat has made threats towards the wider public.

"I want to stress that we have the resources and resilience to deal with this situation and my officers are out in large numbers to provide reassurance and protection."