Rothbury bus shelter finally funded

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Plans for a bus shelter in Rothbury, that were first tabled for discussion in 2011, have finally been given the green light for funding.

Back in July 2011, the Gazette reported that the ‘wait is almost over’ for (at the time) 83-year-old Evelyn Wood who had brought more than 200 signatures to the parish and county councils for a shelter at Rothbury’s central bus stop.

As the years rumbled on, questions were raised over who would pay for it, who would maintain it and also issues about actually siting the covering.

County councillor Steven Bridgett told members in 2011 that he was ‘happy to meet half of the initial cost of it so the other half and further maintenance is needed’.

At Rothbury Parish Council’s meeting last Wednesday, Coun Jeff Reynalds urged members to start plans for the shelter.

Members were told that Northumberland County Council (NCC) will put the works into action, but only when the money is available.

CounBridgett said back in 2011 there were ‘many hurdles’ to get over.

Last week, he told the councillors that the authority ‘will not be responsible for the bus shelter’, therefore it was ‘easier to transfer his half of the deal into the Rothbury Parish Council bank account.

Coun Reynalds said: “We’ve got money in the bank, can’t we just go ahead with it now?”

Coun Chris Roberts said: “My view is if we know we’re definitely getting the money we go ahead, we start, because it’s going to take a while to get to the point where they’re actually putting it [the shelter] in.”

With Coun Bridgett’s promise of ‘guaranteed’ money, the decision to go ahead with the bus shelter was carried unanimously by the council nearly four years after it was first discussed.