Rothbury author unveils his latest novel in thriller series

One damn thing after another. By Dan Latus
One damn thing after another. By Dan Latus

A Rothbury author has published his latest thriller.

Ian Bullock, who uses the pen name Dan Latus, has unveiled the book, One Damn Thing After Another.

One damn thing after another. By Dan Latus

One damn thing after another. By Dan Latus

It is the fifth in the Frank Doy series and is spread over three locations, including Northumberland.

In the latest instalment, PI Doy’s short-break holiday in Prague is interrupted when he steps into a street fight outside his boutique hotel and helps a man being badly beaten in an attempted abduction.

The unfortunate victim is Leon Podolsky, a wealthy Russian dissident based in the city.

He and his two sisters run a global business empire and publish an online Russian-language newspaper critical of the Kremlin. Frank meets the Podolskys at a time when they are under siege.

A grateful Leon offers Frank security work, partly back in England where the family have acquired a ruined country mansion, The Chesters, in Northumberland. But first, he wants to provide back-up at peace talks in Montenegro.

The talks don’t go well. Leon’s assassination is narrowly averted and security arrangements at The Chesters fail to stop an arson attack. Beset by betrayal and pressure, the job is turning out to be far more than Frank had envisaged. It is time to change tack and go on the offensive. And where better to start than Prague, where it all began?

Ian’s novels are inspired by the places he knows best. Several are set on Teesside and along the Cleveland coast, where he grew up, while Northumberland stars in a number of his books.

The book, published by Robert Hale, is available in hardback and e-book. For details, visit