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NORTHERN JACOBITES: If you are even mildly interested in your local history in the round and have never heard the military historian John Sadler give a talk, hurry along to the next opportunity.

Take a mini recorder and a notebook to listen to and peruse later.

His aim is to give you a comprehensive picture of all the many and varied factors influencing the subject in hand and in this instance it was the Jacobites in the north of England.

This was a movement largely to do with the pure bloodline to the throne – a Catholic Stuart (Jacobites) or Protestant Hanovarian – the 200-plus years of Catholic intolerance and exclusion and unsatisfactory political agreements.

The Scots were not reconciled to the Act of Union 1604 between the two nations. The French would have been drawn into the melee but for the swift blockade by the English Navy.

With fearful memories of the long years of lawless Border fighting and reiving, the men of the north were reluctant to fight again and looked for a peaceful transition.

But the few men who assumed the Jacobite leadership persuaded those waiverers to take up arms.

About 300 men mustered, mainly from the leader’s estates, increasing to 2,500, including a band of Scots who arrived in Rothbury before the rising was suppressed at Preston.

The Government attempted to round up the ring leaders and, during the course of the next few weeks, men were marched around from Bywell, through Morpeth, Rothbury, Holy Island, over the Borders and down to Preston, where they finally lost the final battle to the Hanoverian Government.

The Catholic Earl of Derwentwater lost his head and all the vast estates in Tynedale and the Lake District were passed into the hands of the Trustees of the Chelsea Hospital. It finally settled the Border region and was a very significant period of history, setting the scene for the next period of our history.

At the next meeting on Friday, December 16, at 7.30pm in the Jubilee Hall, Rothbury, Clive Hallam Baker will talk on Flodden.

There will be wine and Christmas cake. All welcome, visitors £2.