Rota Kids help to lay the foundation for new school

Alnwick South School pupils at the Rota Kids Fun Run for Mapalagema
Alnwick South School pupils at the Rota Kids Fun Run for Mapalagema

The Rota Kids of Alnwick have achieved amazing results by organising sponsored fun runs to help raise money to build a new school in Sri Lanka.

The school in Mapalagema was destroyed in the tsunami and the Rotary Club called upon the Rota Kids to help them raise the £15,000 to build a new one.

Pupils began their fund-raising efforts with a bag pack at Sainsbury’s in December and managed to start off the fund with a generous £785.

In January, Elaine and Graham Smith, from Alnwick Rotary, visited Mapalagema to lay the foundation stone and reported back to the schools on the building progress.

Encouraged by the developments, the Rota Kids set to work to organise a sponsored run to try to raise the final funds to complete the new school.

Pupils from Alnwick South First School joined their Duke’s Middle School friends on the Duke’s school field and they ran, cartwheeled and piggy-backed their way around the course.

Pupils from The Duke’s raised £800 and combined with funds from Lindisfarne Middle School and Alnwick South, this brought the total to just over £1,200.

Elaine Smith, president of Alnwick Rotary Club, said: “Once again, RotaKids excelled themselves having fun and raising money, this time for a school in Sri Lanka.”

“Well done to everyone for such a magnificent effort.”