Ronnie Campbell elected in Blyth Valley for seventh term

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Ronnie Campbell has secured a seventh term in office as MP for Blyth Valley.

The former miner won the seat with 17,813 votes, a majority of just over 9,000.

Local businessman, UKIP’s Barry Elliott, increased his party’s share of the vote as he finished second on 8,584, just ahead of Conservative Greg Munro.

Liberal Democrat Philip Latham was fourth, while Green Party candidate Dawn Furness was fifth.

After the decision was called at Concordia Leisure Centre in Cramlington, Mr Campbell said he is ‘privileged’ to be able to represent the people of Blyth Valley for another five years.

“I have been here 28 years and this is my seventh general election,” he said.

“It has been absolutely wonderful to be able to represent Blyth Valley.

“I will do my best and I will be there to help as I have done for 28 years.

“It is going to be a challenging five years with the Conservatives in power, we are in for a rough time but we will be there fighting on all guns on that front bench.”

He was defending the seat he has held since 1987.

Mr Campbell’s first election win in 1987 was by a majority of only 853, ahead of Rosemary Margaret Brownlow for the Social Democratic Party.

Blyth Valley result

Ronnie Campbell, Labour, 17,813

Barry Elliott, UKIP, 8,584

Greg Munro, Conservative, 8,346

Philip Latham, Liberal Democrat, 2,265

Dawn Furness, Green Party, 1,453