Roddam WI, October meeting

Roddam WI held its monthly meeting in the Cheviot Centre, Wooler. The president, Mrs J Laycock, welcomed members.

The acting secretary, Mrs M Matthewson, read the minutes of the previous meeting which were agreed and signed.

Arrangements were in hand for the scarecrow entry at Heighley Gate, details of the transport arrangements for the annual carol service at Hexham were announced and county notices were given.

The group meeting had been enjoyed. Mrs R Reed reported on the meeting for new members at Cresswell House which had been interesting.

The speaker for the evening was Julia Davenport who spoke of her African family.

She had been inspired by Nelson Mandela and felt she could perhaps help in some way in South Africa.

For the past few years, she has travelled to South Africa to teach in a school and has managed to set up a library of well over 2,000 books. This was a very inspirational talk and was much enjoyed by everyone.

The competition was for a knitted hat from a pattern: 1 Mrs M Matthewson (sn), 2 Mrs M Atkinson, 3 Mrs J Guthrie.

With friends from two other WIs, we ended the evening with supper.