Roddam WI, October meeting

CYRIL’S SQUIRRELS: Roddam WI held their monthly meeting in the Cheviot Centre, Wooler.

The president Mrs J Laycock welcomed members.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read, agreed and signed.

The group meeting at Wooler had been well organised and Roddam members enjoyed success in the competitions.

A bus has been organised for the carol service at Hexham Abbey and would leave Wooler around 10am.

The craft taster day at Shilbottle had been greatly enjoyed by seven members.

Members would help with the filling of the shoe boxes for the Christmas appeal at Berwick on November 9.

It was announced that the annual subscriptions would be going up to £31.50. The theme for the 2013 WI calendar is Statues of Northumberland.

The speaker for the evening was Cyril Guthrie who showed us three films: The Milk Maid, Cyrils’ Squirrels and a look back at Wooler, the latter evoking many memories.

The competition for a countryside ornament: 1 Mrs M Atkinson; 2 Mrs A Hume; 3 Mrs N Logan.