Roddam WI, November meeting

View of the rolling hills and valley Picture by Jane Coltman
View of the rolling hills and valley Picture by Jane Coltman

Pictures of the past

The monthly meeting of Roddam WI was held in the Cheviot Centre when the president Mrs J Laycock welcomed members and guests.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed. Reports were given by Mrs M Nelson on the group meeting at Eglingham, which had been an interesting talk given by a member of Sainsbury’s staff, and by Mrs A Hume on Glanton’s 80th birthday party, which had been greatly enjoyed.

A letter of thanks had been received from Mr B Burnie on behalf of Daft as a Brush for the donation received as the result of a tombola at last month’s meeting. A letter and cheque had also been received from Wooler Hub to be donated to the Children’s Countryside Day, which Roddam WI is involved with.

Arrangements were made for the ‘Sparkling Flowers’ to be held in Glendale School on Saturday, November 21, the Christmas dinner, and the service at Hexham Abbey.

The speaker was Mr Peter Ayres, who gave us the most wonderful slide presentation set to some of his favourite music. He took us to many different places at home and abroad, and also showed some lovely pictures of the ‘Gents of Wooler’ and some very old photographs of Wooler.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs R Reed. Supper and the raffle followed.

The competition for favourite things was: 1 Mrs R Red; 2 Mrs M Matthewson; 3 Mrs M Atkinson.