Roddam WI, May meeting

ANNUAL MEETING: Roddam WI held their AGM in the Cheviot Centre, Wooler when the president, Mrs J Laycock welcomed members and Mrs J Davidson our wia for the evening.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read, agreed and signed.

Names were taken for a visit to Craster WI when the talk would be on the Poison Garden at Alnwick.

We would again undertake the refreshments at the Glendale festival in July.

The treasurer, Mrs C Clark, said we had a healthy balance. The hire of the hall had gone up, but there were less travelling expenses.

Mrs H Oliver, secretary, gave her report.

Roddam WI had been going for 63 years and the membership stood at 33.

We had success at Wooler show and the year had been busy and interesting.

In her report, the president said we had had some excellent speakers throughout the year.

We had helped charities with stamps, etc, and we had taken part in the flower festival in St Mary’s Church, Wooler, in last year’s Glendale Festival.

She thanked the secretary, treasurer and committee for all their work and support.

A vote of thanks to the outgoing committee was proposed by Mrs A Hindmarsh. Mrs J Laycock was again elected president.

The cup for the points in the monthly competitions was won by Mrs M Matthewson with Mrs M Atkinson in second place and Mrs M Nelson third.

Mrs Davidson took us through the two resolutions for debate at the annual meeting in Liverpool concerning the closure of libraries and the practice of factory farming.

Mrs Laycock thanked Mrs Davidson and the meeting concluded with supper and the raffle.