Roddam WI, December meeting

BOXING CLEVER: Janet Laycock, president, welcomed 23 members to the December meeting at the Cheviot Centre. The minutes of the previous meeting were read, agreed and signed and there were three matters arising.

Janet said the Shoe Box Appeal were very grateful for the contributions we had sent and they had given us a certificate by way of thanks.

Mary Mathewson gave an update of our success in the darts competition in which we play Shilbottle in the next round early in January.

Jennifer Scott gave a report on the Festive Frivolities Day which had been much enjoyed.

Names were taken for Tomorrow’s Heirlooms, a library event at Morpeth, our quiz team entry, a theatre visit to see I Dreamed a Dream and a visit to Hedgeley WI.

A list of County Day winners was circulated and tickets for the annual carol service at Hexham had arrived. Advance notice was given about a visit to the York Quilt Museum in March 2012.

The indoor bowls competition team was confirmed but there were no takers for the Taster Day proposed for the New Year.

Janet asked if someone would volunteer to be our archivist and asked members to think about it. She also pointed out to members that the resolutions voting form is included in this month’s WI Life magazine and encouraged members to use their votes.

Next month is our annual pies, peas and puds meeting so arrangements were made for this.

Mrs V Presland and Mrs M Cowlard have volunteered to prepare the programme for next year and Janet asked everyone to bring ideas that they would like to have included.

She also reminded everyone about the community carol service and details were finalised for our Christmas dinner.

The speaker for the evening was Mrs S Prescott who gave a very interesting and informative talk about Wensleydale sheep being farmed at Longhorsley and the competition winners for a knitted Christmas decoration were: 1 A Hindmarsh, 2 J Laycock and 3 M Nelson. The evening ended with supper and the raffle.