Roddam WI, April meeting

LADY ALMONER: Roddam WI held their April meeting in the Cheviot Centre, Wooler when the vice president Mary Matthewson, welcomed members and guests.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read, agreed and signed.

Mrs Chris Clark reported on a visit to Brizlee WI where they had greatly enjoyed Brizlee’s 40th birthday party with Three Plus Two, with their songs from the musicals, some classical and other ditties.

Ann Hume reported on the meeting at Cresswell House concerning the pennants for London 2012.

Helen Oliver reported on the spring council meeting held at Hexham.

The treasurer revealed that a deficit had actually been turned into a small profit which was good news.

Members were urged to still send in the tokens from Taylors Tea as the company was still involved with protecting rainforests.

We would enter the darts and dominoes competitions. The county lunch was to be held at Gosforth Park on July 8.

The speaker for the evening, Sandra Gann gave us an excellent and very enthusiastic talk on St Bart’s, Lady Almoner.

Almoner is a Greek word meaning compassion. She took us through medieval times and the Middle Ages when hospitals would be linked to monasteries and would care for the poor, sick and travellers.

At one time there were four hospitals in Berwick two of which were leper hospitals, one in Spittal and one on the Magdalene Fields. St Bart’s was eventually given to the city of London and was run by governors.

The name ‘Lady Almoner’ was abolished in 1965 and replaced with social worker.

A warm vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs Matthewson.

The competition for a trinket bowl: 1 Mrs M Matthewson, 2 Mrs M Sinton, 3 Mrs H Oliver.

The evening concluded with supper and the raffle.