Robson Green reaches his final leg of county journey

Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland
Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland

Robson Green visits three landmarks that have played a key role in history, within the county and further afield, in the final episode of Tales from Northumberland.

His first stop in what is the last chapter of the eight-part series, to be screened on Monday, December 23, is Hadrian’s Wall, which is in the list of World Heritage sites.

The wall stretched 73 miles and in its day stood 15feet tall and up to 10feet deep.

This part of the world was the most guarded border in the Roman Empire and has left Northumberland with more Roman remains than any other part of Britain.

It is here that Green meets local guide Gary Reed. Robson camps overnight by the wall and learns how the Romans completely transformed British culture.

Next on his journey is Kielder Water, the biggest man-made reservoir in northern Europe.

The area is home to 250 square miles of forest and was recently voted the most tranquil spot in England.

Built in the 1970s to safeguard the North East water supply for the next hundred years, the construction of Kielder water was ambitious and expensive.

Green meets Jonty Hall, who, as a nine-year-old boy, pressed the button that flooded the valley to create this enormous reservoir.

The final stop of Robson’s Northumberland adventure is his hometown of Hexham where he learns about the turbulent past of Hexham Abbey and discovers the secrets of its Anglo-Saxon crypts.

○Episode seven is being shown on Monday, at 8pm. Robson learns more about Craster kippers and visits Howick Hall and The Ship Inn, at Low Newton-by-the-Sea. Dunstanburgh Castle also features in the episode.