Roadworks on 35 miles of A1 to start next week

Work to refurbish road markings and replace road studs along 35 miles of the A1 will begin next week. The Highways Agency project will start in Berwick and work its way south to Felton.

It will take place in three phases – from June 23 to July 9 between Berwick and East Ord; then July 17 to September 30, between Scremerston and Belford, and finally October 1 to 13 between Denwick and Felton. Overnight, traffic lights will be in operation and drivers will be in convoy at 10mph on the unaffected carriageway.

During the day, there will be lane closures and a 50mph speed limit.

During the last phase there will also be five miles of lane closures between Denwick and Felton.