Roadside gullies ‘constantly cleared’

The Community News Project needs you.
The Community News Project needs you.

Northumberland County Council says it constantly clears roadside gullies, in response to residents’ concerns that the job is being neglected.

On Monday, Alnwick councillor Gordon Castle put a post on Facebook relating to the authority’s clearance efforts.

The response, from a senior officer, stated: ‘We are constantly cleaning gullies around the area. We have a programme of cleaning and inspection through Northumberland. This programme is route based in each area.

‘We have identified areas which have a high risk or history of potential flooding. These are cleared on a quarterly basis.

‘We are also investing in new software which shows when each gully has been cleansed, so if we have a resident who has a query we can evidence the last time it was cleared or inspected.

‘We are collecting data and will have full asset knowledge within the next 12 months.’