ROADS: Condition is desperate

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I am delighted to read that the Tour of Britain cycle race will traverse Northumberland, (Northumberland Gazette, March 16).

As a cyclist I have to say that cycling along the byways of Northumberland is not the pleasure it should be.

Our roads are in a desperate state of disrepair. How on earth we ever allowed the current state of deterioration is beyond comprehension. One has to constantly scan the road surface for fear of plummeting into some bottomless fissure.

Every so often the council comes along and fills the odd pothole, seemingly ignoring the fact that the entire road surface is disintegrating, then two weeks later the pothole reappears, only bigger and better.

But racing cyclists, of course, require a perfect road surface so all those citizens fortunate enough to live on the route from Kielder to Blyth can look forward to having their roads properly surfaced. Hurrah for them.

The only other occasion that seems to demand a perfect road surface is a wedding procession for the offspring of the Duke of Northumberland.

Richard Spotwood,

Hillside East,