ROAD WORKS: Repairs are not value for money

Hands up those who don't like value for money?

Friday, 15th December 2017, 5:00 am

Just as I thought, not a hand in the air.

Whether we are in a supermarket or anywhere else when we are spending our hard-earned cash we like to think we are not wasting it.

The reason I am posing the question is a section of road was resurfaced about a month ago, or five weeks at the most. From the war memorial down around the bend, just short of the Allerburn Lea estate entrance, it was quite rutted so needed attending to.

So over one weekend a road gang worked on the section, resurfaced it, and finally put down the appropriate road markings, double yellow lines etc, indicating the job had been finished.

But to my surprise after only a short time, ie a month, the road is in the same state as it was before it was supposedly resurfaced.

It is worn off in sections and the rutting is back as before. This has all happened before the start of the hard frosty weather.

So what is it? Poor materials? Poor application? Or just bad workmanship?

We are told money is tight from Central Government, and if that is so in these times of austerity, surely, our council tax money could be better spent.

Value for money? I think not.

Tom Cape,

Allerburn Lea,