Road repairs still not done

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Concern has been raised at the lack of movement on repairs to roads in the parish.

At last week’s meeting, clerk Mrs Hamlin said that despite requests to repair potholes and erect signs, nothing has been done.

She wrote to Northumberland County Council asking them to put up signs for the school for new parents and to repair potholes in the road between Swarland First School and Newton on the Moor.

Coun Neil Mansfield said: “All we can do is go on to the website and report the potholes ourselves.”

Chairman Suzanne Stanley said: “If we all do it, they might actually stand up and take notice of us.

“We can report the school signage as well.”

l The parish has also filed a complaint with the county council.

A response has been received from the chief executive’s personal assistant who said it has been forwarded to another staff member.