Road and HGVs continue to be a major concern

A lorry stuggles along the road in to Detchant.
A lorry stuggles along the road in to Detchant.

A country road, now used by HGVs on a daily basis, is continuing to cause problems for residents in a north Northumberland community.

Brenda Jackson, of Sunny Hill Farm, spoke to Thursday’s meeting of Belford Parish Council for the second time in four months about the Detchant road.

The problems have arisen due to the massive success of Bedmax, based at Greymare Farm, which means a number of HGVs use the route each week.

Chairman Coun Michael Young said: “That road was never built for anything other than horse and cart.”

And Coun Robbie Redpath pointed out that if the road gets any worse and collapses, then it is going to be Bedmax’s business that suffers.

But Chris Rosby questioned what could be done about it, with a choice between residents and a thriving business. “Even if it had passing places, it’s a great long road, is it going to make any difference?” he said.

Mrs Jackson said: “I do really feel that the business has outgrown where it is. It’s gone up and up and the road cannot take it, the drains cannot take it.

“It’s affecting everybody’s lives in Detchant and I’m sorry to say it, they don’t really care.”

County Coun Pat Scott and Bob Thorne, the county’s north area maintenance manager, are to take up the issue.