Ripples and reflections

The art exhibition at St Michael's CofE First School in Alnwick.
The art exhibition at St Michael's CofE First School in Alnwick.

Parents, carers and friends were invited into St Michael’s CofE First School in Alnwick to view a very special exhibition called Ripples and Reflections.

The exhibition is a culmination of a major art project led by the school’s own artist in residence – Katherine Renton.

Headteacher Gavin Johnston said: “Katherine has inspired us to think about different ways of capturing the mood of the sea using a variety of techniques.

“Some of our children visited her exhibition in Newbiggin and had a tour by Katherine herself. Others looked at techniques by the French impressionists and the American artist John Marin.

“The work by the whole school was displayed thoughtfully using a range of coloured fabrics and papers and punctuated by pebbles and shells.

“Each child had already created and painted a clay fish. These were featured on a rippling stream ’gushing’ through the hall. Some of the artwork was framed in driftwood segments, which really gave a flavour of the sea.

“Katherine described the work that we had carried out and everyone had a super time viewing the amazing art on display.”

He added: “Drinks and nibbles were on hand for everyone and feedback was extremely positive – we are so proud of the achievements of all of our children and continue to promote the arts in school to ensure our children are well-rounded and creative individuals.”