REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Season 6 finale

I hate cliffhangers! After missing episode 15 whilst away, and the finale looming just behind it, I came back to a double instalment as is this review.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 9:24 am
Updated Friday, 15th April 2016, 9:27 am
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Negan.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed these final two episodes, both of which ended on incredibly frustrating cliffhangers. The finale''s was most annoying, with the big build-up to a main character being killed off having to fold over until October, as we don't find out who it is.

As for Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was superb. He portrayed the evil character perfectly and, while restricted on his language, his acting was good enough to not fuss over its loss. He was incredibly menacing, and it's hard to describe how good he was.

Story-wise, the final two episodes delivered pretty decently. They weren't outstanding.

Episode 15 was mainly just a hunt for Carol, and 16 was the group just getting delayed at every turn as they tried to reach the Hilltop community to save Maggie from some unknown illness.

The hunt for Carol was quite weird, with her and Morgan now seemingly having a strange relationship, and Morgan even killing someone to save her! This didn't make sense at all and I hope they address it next season. Carol also seems to want to die, something else that has sort of come out nowhere. These final two episodes have started these storylines but not really given them any depth whatsoever..

Overall the final two episodes are both great, with Negan finally being introduced, making for great prospects next season

Season 6 has been full of ups and downs, as most TV shows are, but it has seemed somewhat uneven this time around. I hope they can do the 'Negan kill' justice, and deliver upcoming storylines well.

Season review: 8/10