REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Say Yes

The Walking Dead this time around brought us an episode primarily focusing on Rick and Michonne going out to find guns to pay the garbage-dwelling group from a few episodes ago.

Monday, 13th March 2017, 3:08 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:55 am
Rick and Michonne.

Other than that, and a small clip of Rosita attempting to do the same and failing, the episode didn't do much.

Getting the Rosita bit out of the way first, we got to see more interesting zombie makeup than usual. Sometimes the makeup gets completely over looked, however this zombie was front and centre as its bloated neck oozed out gunk before it was killed.

While it wasn't used in the best scene, clips like this remind me one of the reasons I love The Walking Dead.

Rosita is still being the same annoying character she has developed into since around episode 8, and it seems likely following a small bit of the episode where she talks to Sasha about the two of them going out to kill Negan by themselves, that either her or perhaps Sasha will die next.

The main chunk of this instalment, as stated, was Rick and Michonne. The opening was a bit strange, choosing to be what I could politely call more racy than other episodes. This was random and unnecessary, seemingly trying to appeal to a certain age of viewers.

It was slightly stereotypical that since they were looking for guns, they happened to stumble onto a field of something around 60 guns.

Although I admit, a fairground was a nice set to see in use as something like that hasn't been seen before. I especially liked clever uses of obstacles such as flipping over the test your strength game to create a temporary barrier to stop zombies.

I would definitely like to see this sort of variation in environment continue, as well as what seemed to be thought out planning and tactics in dealing with the small hordes instead of the usual swift encounters.

Overall, this week edged dangerously close to being a filler episode, and almost was

It's nice to see Rick and Michonne's relationship but it isn't integral to have what could be seen as an entire episode on it. The fairground was a good set to use, and I was pleased to see more tactics in killing zombies.

Seeing Rick with Jadis also reminds us of the ever-growing and continuous world The Walking Dead has established this season.