REVIEW: The Walking Dead, The Same Boat

Carol pulls out her act'¦ again.

Thursday, 17th March 2016, 4:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th March 2016, 4:46 pm
Carol taken hostage.

I must admit, The Walking Dead is not one to take a slow pace, but this one did.

It lingered on conversation, giving us action only at the end, with a couple of fight scenes and deaths. The most confusing thing about this episode was Carol.

Normally one to be involved in the action, racking up the kill count; she sat back, unwilling up until the final moments. She put on her classic act again, pretending to be scared and weak, while instead she's the badass we know and love.

However, she did appear to be taking a back seat here, refusing to kill people who had just kidnapped her. Meanwhile usually people who had done less to her have suffered worse!

This was Carol and Maggie centric, which in my opinion was for once, actually a bad thing. It just felt too short, and was too overly focused on conversation. Which regularly isn't too bad, it's quite interesting to see how the different personalities clash and react with each other-and it is pretty good here, with backstory given for new character and Savior Paula, before she is ultimately turned into a walker.

The rest of the group were nowhere to be seen, other than in the opening scene which had already been seen last week, and briefly at the end; when they met back up with Carol and Maggie.

While slightly slow, there was some interesting conversation in The Same Boat, and a good special effects death at the end. And the brutality of the two main women, as well as Rick's execution at the end, made this one just as worth watching as others. I just wish Carol wasn't going soft.