REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Not Tomorrow Yet

Wow. Things really are heating up!

Friday, 11th March 2016, 2:08 pm
Updated Friday, 11th March 2016, 2:16 pm
Rick leads the way.

Focusing primarily on an attack of one of Negan's mini strongholds, and picking up straight after last week, Not Tomorrow Yet just continues this half of the season's knack for confrontation.

It basically revolved around Rick and co sneaking into a small radio silo base, and killing everyone inside. Remind anyone of the Governor? Rick even repeats his words 'kill them all', and it raises the question for both his followers survivors, and the audience as to whether he is still a good guy or not.

What's happened to Maggie and Carol?

Speaking of good people, Glenn, the one person who has remained innocent to killing, finally did it. The emotion on his face as he committed not only his first-ever murder, but one in cold blood too, was so true to his character. You really emphasised with Glenn here, especially when he stopped fellow survivor Heath from committing his first also. As Jesus later tells them, this is truly the next world.

We also see a glimpse of some truly horrific pictures of mutilated heads, no doubt the victim of a villain we are soon to meet; and looked at by Glenn of all people!

In other news, Abraham has finally made his mind up and left girlfriend Rosita purely because she isn't the last woman on earth. Harsh. We all know this is due to him taking a liking to Sasha now, but whether this will expand remains unclear.

He's also had several close calls, being suffocated last week and now slashed on the arm with a knife. Things aren't looking well for Abe, and with Negan's arrival imminent, I seriously worry for him! (I also have actually met Michael Cudlitz, the actor who plays him, and I would hate to see him leave!)

What's happened to Maggie and Carol?

The opening of this episode is by far one of the best but also the most random. We see Carol in somewhat of a regular routine, making cookies as usual, all while the strangely happy song Weeds and Wildflowers plays. It's random, but funny, and just makes Carol more lovable.

Starting jolly, and ending on yet another frustrating cliffhanger, Maggie and Carol herself being captured by Saviours.

Will next week bring us the bat wielding maniac himself? I can't wait to see!