REVIEW: The Walking Dead, The Next World

The storm has calmed down.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25th February 2016, 4:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th February 2016, 4:35 pm
Daryl and Rick
Daryl and Rick

This week jumped us forward, showing how the residents of Alexandria have moved on from last week's catastrophe. Mainly focusing on Rick and Daryl, finally reunited since the first episode of the series.

The Next World was funnier than most, introducing us to a key comic book character, one who I'm sure fans will love: Jesus. This guy is a goodie, practically a combination of Bruce Lee and Houdini, both a martial and escape artist to boot.

This introduction takes is into The Next World and will take us toward a key storyline, leading us toward the introduction of Negan.

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The other storylines were brief and fairly boring to be honest, with one being a small scene of Carl and Enid sitting in the woods reading comic books, when they could easily be in the safety of Alexandria. She gets annoyed, he gets annoyed, they leave, and that's pretty much how it goes.

The other is Michonne and (deceased) Deanna's son Spencer, wandering around outside also. It transpires Spencer wants to find his zombified mother and put her out of her misery. It's a nice and simple sub plot, but just unnecessary, as is the Carl/Enid scene, which lasts about five minutes.

The key genius of this episode is how it sets up the next, with us now being introduced to Jesus' community and obviously, as mentioned, bringing us to Negan.

It's also nice to see, albeit also brief, how Alexandria is progressing itself as a whole. Everyone is forming more of a community, building more walls, and even interaction between characters such as Daryl and Doc Denise, who have never had screen time together until now; again adding to the comedic feel of the white episode.

Don't get me wrong, I liked this week's instalment, and as funny as it was, introducing a key comic book character (one which I really like also), I did feel like there could have been more. There could have been more of a focus on the actual meeting of Rick and Jesus, instead of just a quick in and out sort of thing. Through this week, I am hugely excited for what next week has to bring.