REVIEW: The Walking Dead, midseason premiere, No Way Out

First off, I have to just say what a brilliant episode this was, turning the tension level up to the maximum and leaving you able to catch your breath only as the credits began to roll.

Tuesday, 16th February 2016, 5:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th February 2016, 5:45 pm
Norman Reedus as Daryl in the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead.

As a reader of the comics, I was highly intrigued to see how they followed this particular No Way Out storyline, where we last saw our main characters covered in zombie guts, surrounded by hundreds of the living dead. The episode picks up right from this point, but not before giving us a quick recap/resolution on the end credits scene we saw last time.

The conflict between Daryl, Sasha and Abraham against the group of bikers, who name-dropped the biggest Walking Dead villain ever last time we saw them, ends swiftly; with Daryl simply being taken to the back of his truck, killing the biker that went with him, then using the bazooka acquired back in episode to blow the rest of the small group sky high. Yet another reason as to why I, and everyone else, loves Daryl.

We are then transferred back to Alexandria, following several mini storylines for the entirety of this instalment, before they all meet up at the end.

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We see Doc Denise being held hostage by the still surviving Wolf agent, trying to escape the horde, before flicking over to the aftermath of Carol and The Ninja (Morgan's) fight.

With a couple of scenes involving characters such as Eugene and Tara, the Carol/Ninja interaction is fairly pointless, and while it is adding to the dynamic of the two, the fact there was only one scene focused on the two of them made it feel completely out of place.

Most other scenes were on Rick's miniature group of zombie-covered people, which resolves one of the greatest comic book moments there is.

Jessie's youngest Sam finally can't stand his surroundings of walkers, as he cries out before going down and being eaten. His mother joins him just after and leads to Rick having to separate her from son Carl in the only way he can at the time: cutting her arm off.

Straight after, things get really heated up as a stray bullet finds its way into Carl's eye. Remember the governor anyone?