REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Go Getters and Service

Back to the Hilltop! And apart from that, a look in on Maggie and Sasha, and also a bit of Jesus action, this weekend was fairly standard compared to the previous instalments.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 28th November 2016, 12:23 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 3:23 pm
Simon and Gregory at Hilltop.
Simon and Gregory at Hilltop.

It was interesting really. I liked the fact we started to see Maggie being hinted as the future leader of the Hilltop battling against Gregory who is still the idiot we saw him as last season. Sasha was also present, mainly just acting as the same character she's always been, and out of pretty much the whole group she's the one I've never really cared for.

One of the most notable characters was Simon, who is portrayed very well by Steven Ogg, who fits in very well with the Saviours with his creepy demeanour and seriousness. His and Gregory's shared scenes definitely made the episode worthwhile, especially the humorous undertones.

Jesus, pretty cool.

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One other thing helped the episode to succeed and that was Jesus. We finally saw him extremely close to his comic book counterpart, running up walls and shimmying down poles, kicking zombie and generally being pretty cool.

On the side, we had some development for Carl and Enid, who now finally accept the fact they like each other with a small kiss. Other than that we saw a glimpse of Carl driving and the two of them becoming roller skating partners for a brief time. It was nice to see this development but felt like it was included purely to show Enid getting to the Hilltop.

All in all, Go Getters was probably my latest favourite of the season so far, but still balanced well enough to be enjoyable.

The previous week's episode, Service, saw Negan come to Rick's home.

Jesus, pretty cool.

As said in previous reviews, if Negan is in the episode then I will enjoy it regardless and enjoy it I did.

This week focused around Negan and his Saviours coming to Rick's safe zone of Alexandria to collect their demand of half of everything. This led to various interactions, mainly between Rick and Negan but others included Carl, Spencer and Olivia.

By far my highlight of the episode were the Negan scenes, but there was a particularly humorous scene where Negan spoke to my namesake character, Father Gabriel, mentioning his 'white collar and creepy smile'.

I think the real charm of this episode was the character interaction, especially Negan's dominance over Rick. Rick does seem truly broken, more than he is in the comics at this point; although regardless of me reading the comics I do think he has something up his sleeve.

I was particularly interested to see Michonne seemingly taking the place of the comic book character Andrea, practising shooting on a single zombie but regrettably missing every time. She is obviously planning on a war with Negan, and seeing her reaction as well as everyone else's. I will admit the episode did feel slightly slow, and could have moved on quite rapidly.

This might be due to the fact the only subplot was Rosita and Spencer heading out to get Daryl's bike for Dwight, which was a fairly weak subplot apart from the fact it developed Spencer slightly more, good as he has a key comic book moment. Although, the rest of the subplot was pretty boring, even with the humour of Dwight continually pronouncing Rosita's name in an excessive way.

Overall, while slightly slow, Service was pretty good, and we now know Negan is in charge. Rick himself says so.