REVIEW: The Walking Dead, The Cell

More Negan is always a win.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 10th November 2016, 11:38 am
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 11:21 am
Daryl in his cell.
Daryl in his cell.

Two of my favourite characters in the show clashed, Negan and Daryl. The episode primarily focuses on Daryl himself, and what happens to him the Sanctuary, Negan's safe zone.

We get to see a nice parallel of Daryl and Dwight, which is very interesting to see depicted as for those who don't know, Daryl isn't in the comics.

Dwight, who tries to break Daryl.

However, as Dwight now has Daryl's jacket, bike and crossbow, I partly fear for Daryl's demise from the show. The relationship between the two is explored more here as Dwight tries to break Daryl, even though really it's Negan who wants him broken.

Coming back on that, Negan seems to have a fond admiration for Daryl which is quite hilarious, especially as we get some brilliant monologues from Negan, again played brilliantly by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Norman Reedus is great as Daryl as usual, and we do somewhat see him broken, mainly with his guilt over the death of (spoiler), even crying when he is given a photo of the deceased body.

Also the soundtrack of this episode was by far the best, with the incredibly catchy Easy Street being poured into Daryl's cell to allow him literally no sleep. Other songs used were Crying by Roy Orbison and Town Called Malice by The Jam delivering by far the best smattering of songs ever brought to a Walking Dead episode

It was also great to see the Sanctuary brought to life on the screen, and I was pleased to see what I call ‘the wall’ of zombies chained up and impaled outside the fences, a clever tactic used to stop enemies from approaching without being seen.

Dwight, who tries to break Daryl.

The episode was slightly all over as it flicked between Dwight going out to collect someone who had run away from the Sanctuary (clever as we see that even Negan's own people don't always like him) but also Dwight and Daryl at Sanctuary. While the jumps were slightly random at times on the whole it worked.

The episode was great, not as fantastic as episode 1 but it balanced out the calmness of last week and made for a stellar episode.