REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Bury Me Here

The Walking Dead brings us back into deaths, conflict and a far more interesting episode than the previous week's.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 20th March 2017, 2:17 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:20 am
King Ekekiel and other from The Kingdom make a delivery.
King Ekekiel and other from The Kingdom make a delivery.

Once again we see Carol, Morgan and King Ezekiel in the spotlight, although this weeks instalment is well and truly Morgan's.

Both sad and not, away goes the 'no killing' rule, with Morgan seemingly returning to his old ways, especially symbolic via the sharpening of his stick in the closing moments

Morgan sharpens his staff.

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I'm glad to see him back, as having him in the fight against Negan will be both interesting and, due to his martial arts skills, potentially amusing

I do hope, however, that now the show has dipped his character back into these shallow waters, they do not submerge him fully, as the development on him, especially in season six, episode four, which showed how he achieved his zen state, would be wasted. That being said, his killing was unexpected and brutal, even scaring Gavin, the leader of the group of Saviours who collect from The Kingdom.

Moving onto him and his group, we saw something last week that we haven't truly seen yet. Remorse. We have become used to Negan's bat-wielding, his lieutenant Simon's creepiness, and just the general hate this group gets. However, this was different.

Upon learning that the wrong person was shot, Gavin is angry and is even more so sad, respecting and furious upon hearing of the death. Even saying to the long-haired annoyance Jared 'if you say something, I'll kill you myself'.

Morgan sharpens his staff.

We now see hints as to how Negan will be defeated, as the audience come to realise that not all the Saviours are bad people, and it would not come as a surprise if the show follows the comics story fairly closely in this regard, making some of them turn against him.

Carol remains to be a mixed feeling for me. As mentioned many times before, what was once a very interesting character has now retreated, still being able to easily kill zombies and slightly bore me with her attitude to things and people.

Finally, after some simple tales told by Morgan, she was convinced, ready to fight just like him. As with Morgan, it will be not only interesting, but almost a delight to see her back in action, since her sidelining from episode 3 onwards. On a small note, I am also pleased to see that Ezekiel agrees with both and is ready to fight also.

Overall, Bury Me Here was a solid development for all three of the main characters mentioned, and I'm glad to see The Walking Dead pulling itself back after the slow time it had last week.