REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Episode 2, JSS

A scene from episode two of The Walking Dead
A scene from episode two of The Walking Dead

Gabriel Brown reviews the second episode in the latest season of The Walking Dead. Check back next week to see what he thinks of the next instalment.

For starter's, I just have to say WHAT an episode. Now generally I would say this every week, but this has really raised expectations.

After an interesting premiere, JSS again meets the high bar set by it and raises it even further. This is also surprising, considering Rick, Daryl, Glenn and several other favourite characters make no appearance at all.

This episode blew me away, showing yet again that a simple concept can be delivered expertly.

The answer to last week's cliffhanger, who was sounding the car horn, has been resolved, and the short answer is, it's bad news!

The Wolves, the group we ( through Morgan) met briefly at the end of season five, are back, attacking Alexandria in full force. Within seconds they arrive, seemingly out of nowhere, massacring the citizens of the safe zone. Their overall motive remains unknown, whether they want the community dead, looted, or to themselves is a mystery, but one thing is certain; they are CRAZY.

At the start of the episode, we also get some Enid back story, randomly thrown in. This was slightly out of nowhere but I think it adds to the fan theory that Enid may be working with these Wolf people. It showed who she was with before arriving at Alexandria, as well as her forming the same three letters ‘JSS'. This mysterious lettering is revealed towards the end, standing for nothing particularly exciting, ‘Just Survive Somehow'.

I have to say now… It's official. Carol is Rambo. Her weird housewife act is now dropped as she goes mental on the invading force, taking no prisoners as she runs through the streets gunning them all down.

This obviously leads to disagreements with Morgan, aka The Ninja, as he will now be called. He comes incredibly close to breaking his no kill rule, and I'm unsure of whether he actually did or not. In season five we saw him take on two people, and now here, we see him take on five. Yes, five. The Ninja, who apparently learnt his fighting stick skills from a cheese maker, can take on five people at once. More and more, Morgan rises higher on my favourite characters list.

The episode does its best to incorporate most of the cast that wasn't present in last week's action packed instalment, and does a pretty good job of it, with more on Enid, Carl, Maggie, Deanna and Father Gabriel. You may think I would be pleased to have a character of my namesake on my favourite show, and I would if it was anyone but him! Luckily he isn't a complete waste of space this time, but still isn't massively needed. Father G (referring name) needs to be more Rick-like.

In terms of new characters, Denise, a fairly important doctor from the comics, is in the house. Taking over from Pete, she is nowhere near as likeable as she is in the comics, and doesn't really do much

Now generally, I remember everyone's names, but even to me, I have to take a moment to recall on a couple. This is usually with more minor people, but it still shows the sign that Walking Dead is adding a few too many to its roster. However this is both good and bad, as we have new people and can look forward to shocking deaths, but bad as mentioned, forgetting who's who is a problem.

Overall,this was an amazing episode, topping last week's and raising the bar for this season to incredibly high standards. My reviews are just going to be the same, all the episodes are so good!


The Walking Dead is on Fox, Mondays at 9pm.