REVIEW: The Walking Dead, Best Friends

Rick finds himself in trouble.Rick finds himself in trouble.
Rick finds himself in trouble.
Yet another group introduced this season!

While I am all for the expansion of The Walking Dead, the main group realising they are not the only ones as they discover many more established settlements, the introduction of three so far this season (one from the comics, two not) leaves me with the worry that people may find it increasingly difficult to remember exactly what's going on.

Luckily, as I am a big fan of the show, I do not have that worry for myself, but purely for others. That being said, the junkyard group we were introduced to last week are certainly an interesting bunch but we get to see how Rick has a confident mannerisms about him, causally smiling as he is surrounded by at the beginning looked to be hostiles.

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Rick battles Winslow.Rick battles Winslow.
Rick battles Winslow.

The episode branched out in many directions, giving us good development on various characters while giving us enough story focus on the new group. The character of Richard is certainly one of my new favourites, although I was in agreement with Daryl in how Carol should not die just to start the war with the Saviours.

However, the variation was very much accepted by me, with lots of Daryl, Richard, Morgan, some Ezekiel (plus jolly man Jerry) and of course Rick and the group he's with. The jumps were not jarring at all, and the multi-focus this episode brought was very well done.

The new group was definitely interesting, but not lots was revealed about them other than my favourite moment of the episode, which had Rick facing off against a walker with many spikes impaled through it, a test to see if the group is worthy enough. Apparently named, Winslow, it leads me to wonder just how strange this group is and what sort of conventions they have, especially with the emphasised use of hand signals.

Overall, the episode showed how Walking Dead can confidently handle branching storylines, multiple characters and still include good action and humour, all in one episode.

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