Review of trial traffic measures in Alnmouth after Easter

The one-way system in Alnmouth. Picture by Jane ColtmanThe one-way system in Alnmouth. Picture by Jane Coltman
The one-way system in Alnmouth. Picture by Jane Coltman
The first review of the new traffic scheme in Alnmouth will take place after Easter, when cameras and speed monitors will be in place.

At Monday’s meeting of the county council’s north area committee, which took place in Alnmouth, there was a mix of views from those residents in attendance.

Some were very positive, backing the one-way system, while others had concerns, often related to specific aspects though, for example, parking.

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Margaret Robinson, the county council’s programme and production manager, said: “ We have listened so far and we have made some improvements. We have made changes in relation to feedback and we are open to more comments.”

Questions had been raised about the status of a working group set up in the village, which is collating views on the trial. The responses it has collected are overwhelmingly negative, but it would not meet the county council’s test of a fair consultation.

Alnmouth Parish Council chairman, Bill Bourne, said that the group had been set up as a means of collecting views, but had emphasised that residents needed to contact the county council’s highways team individually.

Coun Bourne went on to say that ‘there’s some dismay’ that the parking issue in the village had deteriorated and the meeting heard that a scheme to create extra spaces on Shepherd’s Hill may not go ahead due to the prohibitive cost of moving public utilities.

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However, Ms Robinson said that they were ‘actively looking at’ alternative sites around the village.

There was opposition to introducing residents’ parking permits on Argyle Street too, but if introduced, it would be part of the trial too.

Anyone wishing to share their views on the scheme can email [email protected]