REVAMP: Don't spoil the proposal

I write response to the published plans for the Playhouse.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 12:00 pm

I am sure all patrons of the Playhouse are delighted with the proposed re-vamp of the auditorium.

I am pleased the protracted negations relating to the sale of the building to Northumberland County Council are complete and the Northumberland Theatre Company has found a new home.

I am aware of the costs of repairing, maintaining and revamping the building and support just the transfer of the library to this new venue, however, I think moving customer services is a step too far.

Customer services, ie, just that, for customers, rate payers, tenants in rented accommodation in the town and beyond. It needs to be staffed by knowledgeable, sympathetic trained staff; we are a long way from Blyth.

The customers need to be comfortable with the venue, often they are distressed or accompanied by children and or dogs.

The space to be provided is not suitable and the mix is inappropriate. Tourist Information should be in the centre of town or it could be given to The Alnwick Garden.

Please do not spoil this excellent proposal by trying to put so much into this inadequate space.

Where are the library vans going?

Heather Cairns,