REUNION: Shipmates are finding friends

I doubt very much if the reader who only writes the occasional letter to Letters to the Editor, realises just how well read that letter will be.

Local newspapers around the country, like this one, recently printed a letter of mine about those who have served in the Royal Navy trying to find their old shipmates.

The response has been fantastic. There are now more than 40 Royal Navy reunion weekends organised around the country.

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For those who are seeking the camaraderie of the past, the reunions are listed on the RN Shipmates website at and if your readers want to get in touch and start a search, the contact is there.

For those not on email drop a line to Mike Crowe, 7 Heath Road, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8PG, and I will send you a list and all details. A stamp will help the pension. Please leave the stamp on its own backing paper.

Typical are the HMS Cavalier Association reunion, the Field Gunners, HMS Illustrious Association, along with HMS Ark Royal, HMS Collingwood, HMS Loch Fada, and of course, the RN Shipmates reunion itself for those without an Association, and many, many more. Take a peak.

See you there, and thank you local newspapers.

Mike Crowe

Isle of Wight