REUNION: Re-live your service days

Readers may recall a letter of mine explaining the camaraderie of those who had served in the Royal Navy.

Sunday, 7th January 2018, 5:00 am

I explained that this could be re-lived at reunions around the country and that these were listed on the site.

Thank you to local newspapers; you have made a lot of ex-servicemen think back again. They have emailed [email protected] and various associations have contacted me. As a consequence a lot more reunions are listed.

But that is not all. Following a request about a reunions listing for those who have served in the Royal Air Force, there is now one available.

There is not many on it at present so if you are ex-RAF, let’s have those reunions emailed to [email protected]

Include the date, association, where it is and who to contact.

Mike Crowe,

RN Shipmates,

Isle of Wight