Return to Rosehill as farmer’s wife publishes new book

Discovery at Rosehill
Discovery at Rosehill

A north Northumberland writer and farmer’s wife has published a follow-up to her popular paranormal romance tale.

In April 2011, the Gazette reported that Kathryn Brown, who lives with husband James and daughter Amy at Lucker, had found a novel way of diversifying the farm business by self-publishing Discovery at Rosehill.

Now, the sequel, Secrets at Rosehill – Kathryn’s fourth book, has been released and is selling in both paperback and e-book format.

“I’ve been writing stories since being a young girl, and have always been fascinated by anything paranormal,” she said.

“Discovery at Rosehill, my first book, is based on the farm and it did quite well.

“I lived through the characters for a long time which is why I decided to write this sequel and give them another opportunity to showcase their interesting lives, including ghostly goings-on and romantic encounters.”

The book is written in first person from two character’s points of view and focuses on some difficult communication between spiritual and earth planes together with too many secrets being kept under one roof.

For more information, see Kathryn’s blog Crystal Jigsaw at