Retired Sea King helicopters are sparking interest

A Sea King.
A Sea King.

Retired Sea King helicopters being sold off by the Ministry of Defence are being snapped up to make unique outbuildings, garden sheds or ‘man caves’, it has been claimed.

Military surplus firm Witham Special Vehicles, which is selling the aircraft, says it has had ‘massive amounts of interest’ from people wanting to buy the helicopters.

The company, based on a 600-acre disused airfield at Grantham, Lincs, is selling off around 30 Sea King helicopters for the MoD this year as it replaces the ageing aircraft.

More than 20 are airworthy and expected to continue flying with commercial firms, private pilots or foreign nations, but six or seven are empty hulks that were stripped of parts.

While working helicopters could fetch £150,000 each, the hulks can be bought for between £10,000 and £20,000, said a spokesman for the firm All the money goes to the MoD.

The spokesman added that they are being sold for upmarket garden sheds or ‘man caves’, while one person was going to put a bedroom and sitting room in it.

He could not say what has happened to the two Sea Kings which operated at RAF Boulmer. The iconic yellow pair left the Northumberland base for the last time at the end of September.