Response by council after bully claims


Wooler Parish Council has responded to allegations of bullying and intimidation voiced in resignation letters by councillors.

Chairman Malcolm Pringle and Rachel Sinton quit at last month’s meeting, while Catherine Dunn and Shirley Mills have followed suit.

Mr Pringle, in his resignation letter, said that ‘bullying and intimidating treatment of some of my fellow councillors by a small group of councillors has no place in a healthy, functioning parish council’.

Ms Sinton, in her letter of resignation, wrote of ‘an atmosphere of bullying which is uncomfortable to witness’.

Remaining parish councillors discussed the matter in a private meeting last week.

In a statement, the parish council said: ‘It is regrettable that a number of councillors have recently resigned from the parish council.

‘If they do have concerns or complaints about conduct within the parish council then we would encourage them to report it through the appropriate channels via the county council monitoring officer who will carry out an independent investigation.

‘The parish council remains fully committed to working hard for the benefit of the people of Wooler, and will continue with forward thinking projects.

‘We strive now to fill the parish council vacancies to ensure the ongoing representation necessary to this vital work.’

Due to resignations, Wooler Parish Council is looking to fill the positions.

For more information on these roles and how to apply, visit the parish council website at

The parish council meets on the fourth Monday of each month in the village’s Cheviot Centre, at Padgepool Place, starting at 7pm.