Residents urged to not panic about flooding

The swollen River Coquet at Rothbury. Picture by Mary Scott
The swollen River Coquet at Rothbury. Picture by Mary Scott

Rothbury residents are being advised that there is no need to panic about flooding every time it rains heavily.

The message was issued by Coun Steven Bridgett at last week’s meeting of the village’s parish council.

It followed the large amount of rain which fell the previous weekend, as Storm Desmond took hold.

While the River Coquet did flow out of its channel and across the floodplain, there was nothing to match the reports of people being rescued in Corbridge, nor the devastating floods which have rocked the village in previous years.

Coun Bridgett said that people should not panic and request sandbags, just because the Environment Agency issues a flood alert.

He added that he will be visiting people who have recently moved into the area to get their details.

He told the meeting: “The Environment Agency does issue flood alerts, but this is just a precautionary measure. It doesn’t mean that you need to ring me and request sandbags. That is up to fire officers on the ground and they won’t be issued for a precautionary measure.

“No property and no businesses were flooded last weekend and nor did we expect them to. The minute we expect them to, you will hear me cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war.

“The Environment Agency‘s sensors detect all sorts of things now, so I would say to people, let the county council and the Environment Agency get on with their jobs and don’t panic.

“I will be visiting residents who have moved in to the area to get their details, if we need to ring them.

“Some aren’t signed up to the flood alert system or the flood warden scheme.”