Residents’ speeding fears lead to survey of traffic

Longhoughton Road heading down towards the junction with the B1339 in Lesbury.
Longhoughton Road heading down towards the junction with the B1339 in Lesbury.

Residents’ concerns about speeding on a village road in north Northumberland are set to be investigated through a traffic survey.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed, expressed her delight that Northumberland County Council has agreed to conduct a traffic survey in Lesbury.

Mrs Trevelyan had been contacted by residents, who reported that vehicles were speeding through the village, with the problem seeming to involve wagons travelling to and from the nearby quarry.

She said: “I am pleased the council has agreed to my request for action – residents have become increasingly concerned that an accident is waiting to happen.

“I know the quarry will be asking drivers to drive carefully through the village and to stick to the speed limit, but a comprehensive assessment is most welcome.”

David Laux, head of technical services at the county council, wrote to Mrs Trevelyan to confirm that he has requested improved signage and road markings which he hopes will remind drivers to drive considerately.

A spokeswoman for the authority said: “Northumberland County Council will be carrying out a traffic survey on Longhoughton Road, Lesbury, to find out not only the speeds of vehicles, but also the types of vehicles involved.

“The survey will take place over a week and be undertaken for 24 hours each day, ie 24/7. We will then collect and process the data.

“If it is found that the speeds going through Lesbury are above the speed limit, we will pass this evidence on to the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative, which works in partnership with Northumbria Police.

“In the meantime, we have written to the quarry manager to highlight concerns and have asked them to remind drivers of considerate driving practices.”

The Gazette contacted the quarry operator, but didn’t receive a response by time of going to press yesterday.