Residents speak out over car-park plans

Boulmer car park
Boulmer car park

Frustrated residents spoke out against plans to install a height barrier at a car park in their rural fishing village.

At Monday’s meeting of Longhoughton Parish Council, in Boulmer, more than 23 residents came to voice their objections at plans to install a barrier to restrict vehicles of a certain height from entering.

Back in January, Coun Susanne Gair raised concerns about the future resurfacing of the Boulmer car park if large camper vans were allowed to continue using it.

Coun Gair said that people who use big motorhomes will ‘churn it up’.

She added: “I don’t think it is very suitable for large vehicles that are difficult to manoeuvre.”

This was reiterated by the council to residents on Monday, as Coun Brian Ellis said that they would keep having to replace the tarmac in the future if restrictions weren’t put in place.

A number of residents spoke out during the meeting, almost bringing it to a standstill, as they thought the barrier would deter many people from visiting the area.

One resident said: “The thing is, if you’re going to put a six-foot-six sign then you’re discriminating against anyone who has a van or is disabled.”

Another resident admitted they wanted to restrict large vehicles, but added: “I think there’s a lot of positive tourism using the area, people like windsurfers, people exploring the beaches, but I don’t want it discriminated against and people thinking ‘what a unfriendly place that is’. People are really worried about it.”

Taking on board the recommendations, the council decided to withdraw the plans, but will now investigate other options.