Residents pay wrong council tax for years

MORE than 30 homes in Coquetdale have been charged the wrong council tax fee for the last two years.

In 2008 slight changes were made to the boundaries of parishes in the area.

But when Northumberland County Council took over in 2009 these changes had not been acted on and residents continued to pay the price for their original boundary, despite having been moved.

In total 33 properties have been affected by the change which will see bills increase and decrease.

In Rothbury 10 propoerties on Jubilee Crescent changed from Rothbury Parish Council’s area to Whitton and Tosson. At The Follions three properties moved from Callaly to Netherton. These 13 will all get a rebate in their council tax.

However 10 homes at Flotterton which have moved from Snitter to Hepple and 10 at Clennel, that changed from Biddlestone to Alwinton will all see an increase in their bills.

Rothbury and Coquetdale county councillor Steven Bridgett said: “I am surprised that none of the residents have actually noticed that they are in the wrong parish. As far as I am aware all those in the wrong areas will have their bills backdated to 2009.”

A spokeswoman for Northumberland County Council said: “Some small boundary changes were made in 2008 affecting 33 properties in the Coquet Valley area. It seems these changes had not been acted on prior to Northumberland becoming responsible for council tax collection in 2009.

“The issue has been brought to our attention and we will be making the necessary changes and amending the accounts accordingly. We apologise to the residents involved for any inconvenience caused.”