Residents of axed housing continue to look for homes

While some have moved out, other residents of a sheltered housing complex in north Northumberland, which is to close, are still in limbo.

It was announced in April that Horsdonside in Wooler is to close as no funding can be found to bring it up to Government standards.

And while some have now found other accomodation, others are still looking, including Sybil Straughan, who has lived there for five years.

“One or two people have already left Horsdonside because they happened to have relatives where there happens to be housing available,” she told the Gazette this week.

“But quite a few of us want to stay here.

“It isn’t just getting four walls and a roof over your head, it’s all your friends and interests that need to be taken into consideration.

“There’s a severe shortage of accommodation in what we call top Wooler, where quite a lot of us would like to stay.”

Wooler’s county councillor Anthony Murray said that the county council is now looking at carrying out a housing needs assessment for the Glendale area. Hopefully this can be completed by January.

“From that, we can see what we can build in Wooler to serve Glendale to look at the needs of all, but especially the elderly people who have lost that facility in Horsdonside,” he said.