Residents object to major town housing scheme

Amble land to the west of the  A 1068 besides Marks Bridge.
Amble land to the west of the A 1068 besides Marks Bridge.
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Residents living near the site of a revived scheme for 260 homes in Amble are objecting to the plan, saying it is out of keeping and unnecessary.

As reported in the Gazette, Persimmon Homes has submitted an application to reduce the number of affordable homes and make other alterations as part of its plans for land west of the A1068 and south of Marks Bridge, which were approved on appeal in 2008.

The original scheme included 90 affordable homes, but the developer explains that this, coupled with the state of the housing market, has prevented it from going ahead.

David Wingfield, who lives in Marks Bridge, said: “I have been against any building project at Marks Bridge as the land in question is designated greenbelt, and other brownbelt land in Amble which has planning permission has not been built on.”

He also pointed out that the plans will see a variety of two and three-storey homes built, which will overlook existing residents as as the new properties borders their boundaries.

The developer, in a planning report submitted with the new application, says that one of the changes is a revised, more-efficient layout.

Mr Wingfield said that five out of the eight residents in Marks Bridge are objecting to the scheme, while the other three are set back from the site and won’t be affected as much.

“I hope the county council considers the impact on the infrastructure of Amble before making a decision,” said Mr Wingfield. “Insufficient parking already exists in Amble, 250 houses means another 250 to 500 cars and Amble’s health centre, dentist and the schools would be well over-subscribed.”

He also added that there are currently around 85 properties for sale in the town, showing a lack of need.