Residents ‘must act’ to stamp out dog-fouling issue

Belford Parish Council is calling on residents to name and shame the owners and animals behind the dog-fouling crisis in the village.

The issue was raised by Belford First School, which has had big problems with children trailing dog mess into the school.

Residents have also highlighted the problem, and the village Facebook page has been very active with comments on the subject.

Chairman Coun Brenda Stanton said: “It’s the dogs that are let out unattended that are causing the problem. It’s not just unpleasant, there’s a real health risk as well. We need to ask the people of Belford to name and shame, and if they have evidence to bring it along.”

Coun Geoff O’Connell said: “I think we should have a reward system for vigilantes who take photographic evidence of the animals and owners responsible. I would like to see some Wild West-type posters – ‘Supply a photo of the dog and get a reward’!”

Coun Tracy Bell added: “If the villagers have had enough, it’s up to us as a village to stand against it.”

Discussing the issue at its October meeting last week, the parish council agreed to pay for a bin near the first school, and to display posters from Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘no’, ‘bull’ and ‘tough’ campaign in the village.