Residents’ misery at ‘neglected’ wasteland

the homes overlooking the Braid
the homes overlooking the Braid

Crunch talks are to take place with concerned Amble residents whose lives are being turned upside down by anti-social behaviour, noise and neglect.

Frustrated people living in North Street and North View have asked Amble Town Council for help, after ‘intimidating’ youths and the poor upkeep of the area around their properties are taking their toll.

They claim the situation is so bad, it is preventing them from selling their homes.

Members of the council have agreed to hold talks with the residents to try to find solutions.

Speaking at last Thursday’s meeting, Mayor of Amble, Coun Ian Hinson, said: “Some effort should be made to try to ease their concerns. Whether or not we can is a different thing but we should be doing something.

“We need to try to get a meeting organised with a view to trying to agree a course of action which might alleviate things.”

Residents from North View and North Street have set out a string of complaints in a letter, which was read out by clerk Elaine Brown at last week’s meeting.

They say that large groups of youths continue to gather outside their homes and use bollards as a ‘seating area and meeting ground most nights, causing stress to residents’.

They add that nearby land which is earmarked for the Tesco supermarket development is full of ‘neglected’ weeds, grass and hedges which need ‘immediate attention’.

The site is also home to derelict buildings which are due to be bulldozed and the residents want to know what contingency plans are in place with regard to noise created by the demolition, as well as the construction of the store, which is due to start next year.

They say that they can not sell their homes, claiming feedback from viewings suggests that potential buyers can not ‘contemplate living in such a neglected area’.

The residents also want the street upgraded from a ‘substandard eyesore’.

Community support officer Darin Fawcett said police patrol the area as much as possible but called for a meeting to try to solve the issue ‘once and for all’.

A Tesco spokesman said the company is ‘aware of the issue’ about the state of the site and is ‘working to resolve it as a matter of urgency’.

Talks between town councillors and residents are due to take place tonight to discuss an agenda for a further meeting.